about us

We love animals

What could be really nicer than having a relaxed & happy pet?

With our entire team, we at Relaxopet ensure that pets feel even more comfortable and quickly find their way back to their innate relaxation in everyday stressors; With innovative solutions and full of passion for animal welfare, which you too will inspire as an animal owner in all of our products.

It all started with an animal idea

We have been dealing with animal relaxation for more than 9 years now, because the coexistence of people and animals is characterized by responsibilities to which we feel extremely committed to Relaxopet.

For our company together, the mutual coexistence is a great daily incentive in the development of innovative product ideas on the subject of animal relaxation.

More than innovative

As a creative company with the highest joy of innovation, we recognize the pulse of time and will continue to meet all changed demands in animal, relaxed coexistence in the future.

Multiple awarded

Product security is a great measure of our responsibility for our customers and animals. Our Pro product series has now also received the TÜV certification.


Resource use is one of our principles of action in the development of new products. The highest demands on our products and our high quality level of raw materials create trust.